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Albert Jourdan (1962) started his career at the age of 18 as youngest clerk at a commercial bank in 1981. After a turbulent period at the global stock exchanges he switched from banking to logistics at the end of 1988.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In the early 90’s Albert promoted to management positions within Operations and Human Resources. As of 1994 he specializes in Quality, Safety and Environmental management.

In 1996 Albert made -within logistics- an important transfer. This caused him to be involved in the emergence of sustainable development within multinationals around the millennium. In 2004 he promoted to Director Corporate Citizenship & Quality.

In 2009 Albert left his corporate career behind him. He started as independent CSR professional to help entrepreneurs who want to make their business sustainable.

As of 2012 Albert is also employed by DPD Parcel Delivery where he’s responsible for strategy and program management regarding Compliance management, Loss prevention and Corporate Sustainability. 

In 2013 he published his book “Help, my customer is into CSR!”.

Since 2015 Albert joined the CSR Expert panel to publish about CSR issues. The CSR Expert panel is an initiative of Erasmus School of Accounting and Assurance (ESAA)


Throughout his international career Albert turned out to be “crisis-proof”. Also today he knows how to set course and is successful in whatever he’s working on. According to some people this is because of his courage, practical approach, perseverance and above all his high level of personal integrity.


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