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Welcome to my website

My name is Albert Jourdan. I’m an expert in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, also known as CSR.

Does your company or trade association receive increasingly questions about CSR? I offer 3 practical and accessible possibilities to start with CSR directly.

Option 1: Book me as speaker or trainer
Option 2: Hire me as consultant
Option 3: Read my book

Speaker / Trainer

Vertellen_grijs_cropped_2Are you looking for a refreshing speaker about CSR? By using appealing illustrations as well as a touch of humor your public will in a interactive way catch up on the importance of sustainable business in just half an hour. Afterwards one will be (more) aware of the profit opportunities. In addition the occupants will receive a practical model to get started.

My presentation “Creating Sustainable Revenue” is also a starting point for tailor made workshops.


Vormgeven_grijs_cropped_2Besides speaker I help companies to get started with CSR. With personal guidance and practical advises I support the customer in determining it’s position regarding sustainability. I can also be your sound board or sparring partner to get a clear perspective on a situation or to make adjustments to the (change)process you are responsible for.

CSR Steps model

Simplicity is not the characteristic of the beginner.
It is the hard-fought mark of the master.

My presentation, workshops and consultancy work revolves around a contemporary model based on 4 steps. This approach is build on a combination of several theories and years of field experience.


Boek cover_call to action The CSR Steps model is the center point of my book “Help, my customer is into CSR!”. An entertaining and educational story about Henry who is in heavy weather with his company. Henry is no believer in CSR, but is forced to search for solutions. After reading my book you can immediately start putting knowledge into practice.

No Nonsense

Customers find me pragmatic and authentic. In addition they appreciate my focus on results and the fact that I’ll not beat around the bush. 

In other words: what you see is what you get!


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